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Sticker die cuts || OOPS GRAB BAGS: 5PCS

Sticker die cuts || OOPS GRAB BAGS: 5PCS

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OOPS GRAB BAG - Sticker die cuts
♥ Printed on a glossy stickerpaper, to make the quality better. If you want to use it as a sticker you just have to remove the backing.

PLEASE: do not purchase this if stickers that's not perfect bother you

♥ Small ink dots (never more than one or two ink dots!)
♥ The sticker die cuts has turned a bit yellow due to them being in sunshine
♥ Miscut - the design isn't perfectly centered
♥ The design may have been retired or redesigned
♥ Wrong color / printing issues (like lines etc.)
♥ Unsold designs
♥ The edges may not be as smooth as they should be


♥ Some sticker die cuts have small wrongs and some have larger wrongs - they are however usable to me!
♥ The sticker die cuts are printed on glossy sticker paper
♥ One oops grab bag includes 5pcs, that I send out at random.
♥ Some of the sticker die cuts may not be available in the shop any longer