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Month scripts V.2 | Perfect for blank monthly kits

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Planner stickers
- The light gray outline is where the machine will cut.

H= Height W=Width
January: W 6,6cm H 2,1cm
February: W 6,9cm H 2,1cm
March: W 5,6cm H 1,8cm
April: W 4,5cm H 2cm
May: W 4,1cm H 2,1cm
June: W 4,2cm H 2,1cm
July: W 4cm H 2,1cm
August: W 5,8cm H 2cm
September: W 8cm H 2cm
October: W 5,4cm H 1,8cm
November: W 7,6cm H 1,8cm
December: W 7,1cm H 1,8cm

♥ 1 sticker / sheet
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Note: Since all screens are different, the color of your stickers could vary from the colors you see on your screen.