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Shop character || OOPS GRAB BAGS: 5 sheets

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Skintone/hair color


♥ Cut a bit too deep so they're harder to peel
♥ Not cut enough, which results in them being harder to peel
♥ The pages has turned a bit yellow due to them being in sunshine.
♥ The design may not be centered within the cut lines
♥ The sheet may have been reformated or retired
♥ Unsold sheets
♥ Wrong color / printing issues (like lines etc)
♥ One or two sticker may be missing from the sheet
♥ The blade may have been dulled so the cut isn't as smooth as it should be


♥ Some sheets have small wrongs and some sheets have larger wrongs - most of the stickers are however usable to me!
♥ Pick matte or glossy!
♥ One Shop character oops grab bag includes 5 sheets, that I send out at random.
♥ Some of the stickers may not be available in the shop any longer